Subscription Terms and Conditions

The (Find Any Manual ) subscription allows you to access several privileges:

- you may create a Personalised Space on the Website, from which you may request Manuals, and other practical guides;
- you will be able to benefit from a telephone hotline specialised in computer and other home appliances and which will be able to assist you in your research. You will also be able to communicate and exchange with Findanymanual, by email and chat.

Find Any Manual subscription price

Find Any Manual services are charged at 0.95 USD for 7 days and then 99.95 USD monthly (invoiced on the anniversary date of the direct debit or on the last day of the month if this is not possible). The payment of your subscription will be made by direct debit and will contain the wording Find Any Manual or

We reserve the right to change prices at any time with notification to current active users. These changes will not affect the user's current subscription period. The prices that were in effect ten (10) days prior to the subscription renewal will be applied for payment of the renewed subscription period.

Find Any Manual subscription terms

Your Find Any Manual subscription can of course be cancelled at any time and without any conditions. You will not be charged anything when you cancel your subscription as it is completely free!

To cancel your subscription, simply go to the "Cancellation" page and enter the email address with which you subscribed to Findanymanual. You can cancel your subscription at any time here


All our communications will take place through your personal space or by email but you can also contact us by using our contact form or by calling +44 (0) 20 8638 6372 or by writing to us at

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